Solaia Antinori 2020 (Magnum)

Disponible: Novembre 2023
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Format: 150 cl
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Solaia, grand vin du domaine Antinori, est une parcelle située sur le côté le plus ensoleillé de la colline de Tignanello. Cet assemblage à dominante de cabernet sauvignon évoque les grands crus du bordelais; il est toutefois plus exotique et il se rapproche davantage des grands vins californiens. Solaia est élevé 12 mois en barriques, puis affiné 12 mois en bouteille.
Producteur: Antinori
Région: Toscane
Appellation: Toscana
Millésime: 2020
Volume (en cl): 150
Couleur: Rouge
Notes de dégustation


Inky dark in appearance, the 2020 Solaia is mostly Cabernet Sauvignon with smaller percentages of Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese. This vintage unfolds to exuberant richness and thick layers of blackberry and plum. The tannins are sweet and expertly crafted, adding both depth and fruit weight. The 2020 vintage is quite bold, and it plays its best cards in terms of texture and mouthfeel. It’s a bigger, more accessible wine compared to the last two vintages on the market. Spice, toasted coffee bean and more dark fruit color this full-bodied Tuscan red. - ML 05/2023


The 2020 Solaia is an infant. I expected a more exuberant wine, but the 2020 is built along more classic lines. Black cherry, plum, gravel, incense, smoke, pencil shavings and spice all open effortlessly. As always, Solaia is a Cabernet Sauvignon-based wine, but it is a Cabernet that is distinctly Italian, with plenty of Tuscan acid and structure driving through the mid-palate and into the finish. The 2020 is a terrific example of the recent stylistic shift at Antinori. In the past, richness and opulence were qualities of a vintage that would have been amplified in the vineyard and cellar. Today, the aim is to capture a more balanced expression of these kinds of vintages, and that very much comes through. - AG 06/2023