Montevetrano Colli di Salerno 2009

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Montevetrano est un grand vin de Campanie (appellation Colli di Salerno). Salué par la critique, cet assemblage à dominante de cabernet sauvignon est un vin de caractère, généreux et complexe. Un élevage de 12 à 14 mois en barriques (50% de bois neuf) précède la mise en bouteille. Fleuron de la viticulture biodynamique italienne, Montevetrano offre des vins purs et racés qui se boivent bien dans leur jeunesse mais qui peuvent également se garder en cave.
Producteur: Montevetrano
Région: Campanie
Appellation: Colli di Salerno
Millésime: 2009
Volume (en cl): 75
Couleur: Rouge
Notes de dégustation


The 2009 Montevetrano shows little sign of aging. The wine is fresh and bright with a full bouquet of primary fruit aromas. Black cherry, prune and plum segue to spice, leather and moist pipe tobacco. The wine is soft and plush with a tactile sense of textural richness. This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Aglianico is inky black in appearance. The mouthfeel offers a little more tertiary definition, with balsam notes, rosemary oil and Indian spice.


The 2009 Montevetrano is quite possibly the most accessible young vintage of this wine I have ever tasted. I am accustomed to Montevetranos that are tight and austere, but not in 2009. In 2009 Montevetrano is open and radiant, with layers of dark fruit and a polished, well-articulated finish. The 2009 is likely to be an early drinker, but that doesn't necessarily mean the wine will age quickly. A complete vertical tasted last year and published in Issue 190 found the wines in great shape, including all of the earliest vintages. Montevetrano is approximately 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot and 10% Aglianico that spent 12-14 months in French oak, 50% new. It remains a benchmark in southern Italian oenology. - AG 06/2011