Bibi Graetz Colore 2015 (Magnum)

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Colore est un vin parfumé et harmonieux, composé d’un assemblage à parts égales de sangiovese, de canaiolo et de colorino. Ce vin est tiré des plus anciennes parcelles cultivées par Bibi Graetz. Ces vignes vieilles de 60 ans reposent sur un sol d’argile et de schiste. Colore est élevé 21 mois en barrique bordelaise, puis affiné 12 mois en bouteille avant d’être commercialisé. Quelques centaines de bouteilles sont misées par le domaine.
Producteur: Bibi Graetz
Région: Toscane
Appellation: Toscana
Millésime: 2015
Volume (en cl): 150
Couleur: Rouge
Notes de dégustation


The 2015 Colore is a breakthrough wine for Bibi Graetz and his unique approach to winemaking and fruit sourcing. Remember, this renegade Tuscan vintner dedicates much of his intellectual effort to discovering the ancient vines and vineyards he wants to farm. He is like a high level garagiste who does not pretend to limit his fruit selection to vines under his direct ownership. This affords a level of versatility and range that is not common to the many family-owned estates of Italian viticulture that focus their efforts on their own land. Colore is a blend of equal parts Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Colorino from three sites (Lamole, Vincigliata and Siena). The 2013 and 2014 vintages were skipped, and Bibi Graetz has moved forward directly to 2015. I tasted this wine from four bottles: one opened the previous day at lunch, one opened the night before, one opened that morning and one opened just before I poured the sample into may glass. This approach awarded an interesting panoramic view of the wine's evolution, but in truth, it did not change as much as you might think. I mean this in a positive way, because the wine in no way tasted flat or oxidative. Of course, the recently opened bottles showed some nervous and rigid qualities, whereas the bottles that had been open longer were softer, more expressive and more fleshed out. Colore offers dark and determined quality of fruit with layered tones of ripe cherry, dried blackberry, spice and grilled herb. Elegant mineral tones also appear. This is a unique wine with a personality that marries a wild side to a sophisticated one. This is a singular Tuscan red. Drink : 2020-2040.